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Information Security

The key ingredient that drives a business is “information”. In today’s era of digitization managing information security of your organization equals to swimming with sharks. Information Security threats are on the rise at an alarming rate in pace as well as sophistication. Integrity, availability, and confidentiality are the foremost concerns for organisations today.

Organisations today face multiple threats which they have to constantly protect themselves from like hacking, phishing, DDoS attacks, spyware, data thefts and the dreaded Ransomware. India is among the top 5 countries affected by Ransomware with organisations facing the threats on a regular basis. The need of the hour for Indian organisations is to align with a partner that can work with them in securing their infrastructure.

Softline India has emerged as of the most trusted and relied upon Information Security partner in India. A considerable volume of projects, our around the clock dedicated service, and global presence enables us to deliver our customers a combination of high quality and reasonable cost of implementation of the IS system.

We offer a wide range of solutions - from DLP and PD security to projects on protection against targeted attacks, fraud, ATP, as well as APCS security and safety.

Cloud Security

As cloud adoption increases in India and the cloud becomes the new infrastructure foundation, organisations have to address the security concerns and implement relevant policies and controls to protect data, applications and the associated infrastructure of the cloud – whether private, public or hybrid.

Softline has the relevant vendor relations and technical expertise to consult, architect and implement the most robust cloud security measures for businesses. Our cloud security solutions cover:

  • Data Loss Prevention: We work with leading vendors to provide customisation of DLP policies, Fingerprinting of data within documents, Incident management workflow, Data discovery for One Drive among other aspects of DLP.
  • Email Security: Our services cover Cloud based protection against spam, Protection against email borne viruses, DOS attacks, Phishing and unsecured emails.
  • Email Archiving: Our solutions cover many aspects such as Granular retention policies, Deleted item & mailbox recovery, Archiving directly from O365, Admin and Mailbox audit login etc.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: against malware, spam, phishing and zero-days, Sandboxing of suspicious attachments, Blocking of URLs that point to suspicious content etc.
  • Web Application Firewall: to protect cloud based web applications from DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery requests and other forms of web attacks.
  • Next Generation Firewalls: that add intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection and unknown threat detection to the traditional firewalls.

Softline’s technical and solution architect experts help organisations to implement these and other cloud security measures across any set of cloud infrastructures.

Web Service Security

Our lives have turned digital with an increased dependency on the digital means of access – whether it is online banking or ordering a cab, booking a ticket, checking for reviews, ordering a meal and many other things. Web Access has become an integral part of our lives.

As organisations, you have to ensure a speedy and secure web access for all your customers. Sustantiated vulnerability analysis and flexible security protocols and policies are a must-have for your web service.

Softline has an integrated approach that covers:

  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to detect and block web resource attacks on the application layer;
  • DDoS protection tools;
  • Vulnerability analysis services and tools that allow to optimize security systems configuration;
  • Penetration testing — a proactive approach to vulnerability detection;
  • Analysis of web application source code using specialized tools.

Conventional Information Security Solutions

Implementing an Information Security solution in an organisation begins from the basic foundational blocks of network, server, workstations, email, web and mobile. Backed by an experience of thousands of client implementations and multiple vendor relationships and partnerships, Softline is best suited to support customers with conventional information security solutions.

Our sales team along with our technical teams and solution architects help clients to choose the optimal solutions based on their requirements and matching the functionality and costs. We also have expertise in integrating the solutions into our client’s existing infrastructure.

We offer solutions in:

  • Web & Email protection: We work with leading vendors to offer solutions to protect your email access and web access from within your organisation and building a security perimeter to the access. Our solutions help organisations to protect their infrastructure from phishing, ransomware and other dangerous attacks.
  • Server, Workstation, Virtualisation & Mobile Device Security: Softline offers tools like endpoint protection tools, firewalls and antivirus for workstations for the more basic requirement as well as solutions for server and mobile device security as well as virtualisation.
  • Network Protection: Softline’s technical consultants can help analyse the legacy network issues and provide solutions to optimise the network access while at the same time ensuring security and protection from network hacks. Softline also offers solutions on IDS/IPS and VPN solutions for secure access.

Access Management

In today’s world, an office is no longer a physical place. Remote and mobile workers are on an increase and they need access to the corporate data and applications from remote locations over public internet. At the same time, it is imperative for organisations to ensure secure access to relevant employees to the appropriate applications and data within the network.

An efficient access management system should be able to provide secure access to the approved users and block access to improper users while ensuring business continuity and reducing inconvenience.

Softline provides relevant Access Management solutions to clients that take care of both independent access management as well as integrated solutions. These include:

  • IDM systems for identity and corporate application access management, as well as SSO tools;
  • PIM solutions for controlling the administrators’ activities, access right limitation, suspicious activity tracking;
  • Access right management tools for unstructured data storages (for example, file shares), and solutions for activity audit.

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection Systems

Softline’s exhaustive global experience ensures that we have complete knowledge of potential fraud scenarios in retail, logistics and banking. We work closely with our clients to develop effective anti-fraud systems designed to detect real0life threats based on the digital footprints that inevitably remain in the system. Our solutions are able to detect fraud attempts and warn you before they happen.

Host Intrusion Detection

“Prevention is better than cure”. A host-based intrusion detection system gives an organization visibility on the activities on critical systems. Malicious and anomalous acts can be easily identified and prevented. In Softline we are equipped to create solutions that are efficient in detecting infected devices and compromised client ID’S, thereby preventing the fraud attempts in the field of online payments.

Contactor Verification Systems

A third party contractor accessing your infrastructure can be the weakest link in your security. It is critical that you verify the credentials of your contractor and their security readiness as well. Softline offers solutions that can be used to check a large number of contractors automatically by comparing and matching data from various sources. Our global experience ensures that we have adequate knowledge of the specifics of verification standards in various industries and we have the competency to implement the same.

Protection from Targeted Attacks

Malicious attacks on organisations are on an increase and hackers are constantly evolving their methods as well. The attacks targeted at specific organisations are planned and executed in a manner that the standard security tools are unable to detect. Softline offers clients specialised tools and also test environments to launch the suspicious codes in an isolated sandbox environment to analyse the effects and design preventive measures.

Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Security

Today’s manufacturing industries are no longer about just machines. The factory floor is also a technological marvel with sensors, controllers and detectors. Although there are specific solutions for protecting these through fool-proofing and physical isolation of critical systems; the security risks like virus attacks and hacks have become more common due to the fact that the sensors, controllers and detectors are all connected on a common network using regular software programs.

The main information security task in manufacturing organisations is to ensure continuity and safety of the technological processes.

Softline’s vulnerability audit service helps to analyse the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure at a pilot project level at minimal cost considerations. We also provide solutions to protect against the detected and identified vulnerabilities.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Businesses rely on data to function efficiently. Data is the foundation for an organisational strategy and functioning and a gold mine for hackers and competition. The most vulnerable point of data loss is internal employees who knowingly or inadvertently send sensitive or critical information out of the network.

Softline has relevant vendor relationships and technical strength to implement solutions that prevent data leakages and unauthorised access:
DLP — the technologies that prevent data from leaking beyond the corporate perimeter;
IRM systems that limit the document access rights and log user activities;
Other solutions, such as secure file storages, encryption and information classification tools.


Organisations in key sectors constantly need to be compliant with industry standards and seek certifications for the same. Information Security Compliance forms a key part of proving compliance and extends to personal data protection as well.

Softline offers services to deploy certified information security tools, implement business processes, ensure corporate governance, and help clients to pass certification.

Information Security Operations Centre

At a certain IT maturity level, organizations need to establish a centralized information security operations management system. Such a center provides a full vision of the current state of information security assets, enables elimination of non-conformances in due time and ensures the required information security level. The main functions of such a center are:

  • Event monitoring, user activity audit, vulnerability management;
  • Incident management;
  • Monitoring the compliance with legislative requirements and standards.

Softline can help clients to set up a fully functional Information Security Operations Center with policies and structure in place.