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Enterprise Mobility

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device. Any Network – Mobility: The power of ‘Any’!

The disruptive technology of Mobility has given the enterprises the ability to expand their reach into newer segments and markets without the need for a physical location. Leveraging the power of mobility, enterprises today can offer their workforce access to not just corporate email and data but also to applications and services that have the potential to change the way business is done both at the backend through processes and access and at the front end with customers.

Work is no longer a place or a building that you need to go to. Work is wherever you find inspiration. Organisations are embracing this philosophy by giving their employees the ability to work from anywhere and on any device through a combination of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and providing the employees with devices and access.

However, starting the journey along mobility comes with its own challenges:

Infrastructure Challenges: Assimilating the various mobile devices seamlessly into the existing infrastructure

A mobile ready enterprise has to deal with many challenges on the infrastructure side to get its strategy right. Creating a mobile ready enterprise means giving the employees devices like mobile phones and tablets or giving them the ability to bring their own personal devices into the corporate network. Some questions that need answered include:

  • How to keep track of the various mobile devices issued to employees?
  • How do you provide secure access to corporate data and applications from these devices?
  • How to ensure that there is a separation of personal and official space on the devices?
  • How do you update and implement policies on the mobile devices?
  • How do you block usage of certain features within the corporate network?
  • How do you implement the BYOD initiative in the organisation?

Softline works closely with clients who wish to build an enterprise mobility infrastructure by implementing the core technologies of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) to not only manage the complete lifecycle of the assets but also to ensure that they are secure and have the ability to access the corporate applications and data.

Softline develops usage scenarios, provides technical training and support and also develops dedicated software plugins or adopt existing software to simplify management of the infrastructure.

Security Challenges: Protecting the infrastructure from malicious content that can come in from unsecured mobile devices.

The ability to access the corporate applications and data residing in the datacentre or cloud from any mobile device on any network and from any location brings with it its own set of security challenges and vulnerabilities. These include the risk of infection due to public network access, risk of losing sensitive data due to the devices being used for personal and official use & the risk of device loss leading to information loss.

Softline’s expertise in the enterprise mobility space, backed by vendor relations and relevant certifications, ensures that we implement the most stringent of security policies for our customers using identity management and end-to-end security features from leading vendors.

Softline’s mobile security solutions cover the entire spectrum of designing and implementing security policies on user access, end point management, application and data security, network protection using features such as single sign-on and two-factor authentication, device encryption, containerisation of apps and data and other features.

Policy Challenges: Implementing the right policies to give access to corporate applications from personal devices

The rate of change and innovation seems to be the highest in the mobile devices industry with newer features and newer versions being launched at a regular, sometimes weekly, pace. This creates tremendous challenges for the IT team to keep pace with the changes and deal with the employee expectations of providing secure access on their own BYOD personal devices.

Softline’s experience across multiple Enterprise Mobility implementations across the globe gives us the unique ability to help organisations define and design their mobility policies from the best practices across the world.

Our knowledge combined with our technical expertise and deep relationships with leading global mobility vendors Anchorensures that businesses can derive the maximum benefit from their enterprise mobility experience.