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A strong foundation of robust and secure hardware infrastructure is the key to smooth functioning of an organisation. An optimally sized and scalable hardware solution can result in massive savings both in terms of initial investment and recurring maintenance costs. Finding a right partner to build and maintain this critical hardware infrastructure is, therefore, an important task for any organisation.

Softline has all the necessary expertise and knowledge to build a hardware architecture and foundation of any complexity. Our solution architects and technical experts work closely with our clients to understand the requirements and size the infrastructure to ensure optimal usage of every hardware device. Softline has the expertise to support our clients in the end-to-end hardware cycle right from sizing and architecting to recommendations, procurement, delivery, installation, implementation and maintenance. Our relationships with leading hardware vendors ensures that our clients always get the latest appliances and the best prices.

Infrastructure Solutions

A robust IT Infrastructure is dependent on the strength and smooth operations of its core components – Servers, Storage and Network components. Softline can provide the entire start-to-end services to set up the infrastructure, from sizing to procurement, from delivery to implementation, from commissioning to service and support. Backed by our technical expertise, implementation experience and excellent vendor relationships, Softline has helped hundreds of customers in India to successfully implement their hardware and maintain it flawlessly and smoothly.

Softline’s Infrastructure solutions extend from Datacentre Computing covering Server, Storage & Virtualisation to Networking covering Routing, Switching, Network monitoring & Load Balancing to Security.

For customers looking for savings on heavy Capex, Softline also offers leasing and licensing arrangements.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

While infrastructure technologies have advanced with incremental changes, datacentre technologies had not changed in a long time being still operated as a combination of multiple boxes tied together until the advent of hyperconverged infrastructure a few years back.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure – a software centric architecture that combines compute, virtualisation, network & storage into a commodity hardware box with integrated management console – provides multiple benefits to organisations including ease of management, cost savings, limitless scalability, speedy deployment and free up of IT resources among others.

Softline is one of the pioneers in working with hyperconverged infrastructure solution providers and helping customers reap the benefits from the new technology. Our technical experts and solution architects have worked on multiple projects implementing hyperconverged solutions in customer locations.

Engineering Infrastructure Solutions

The smooth functioning of any infrastructure – a modest server farm to a highly complex datacentre – relies on the support of its surroundings. Just building a server farm is not enough. It has to be supported in the right manner by an Uninterrupted Power Supply, Climate Control Systems, Data Transfer networks and the tools to manage the entire engineering system. Softline has the expertise and experience to build an entire datacentre – of any complexity – from the ground up right from architectural blueprint of the server room to delivering a complete turnkey datacentre.

Personal and Mobile Solutions

 Softline’s expertise and support extends from the backend server and datacentre to the frontline end point devices. We provide sizing, procurement, delivery, implementation and support for all and any equipment that forms a part of an employee workspace – Laptops, Tablets, Hybrids, All-in-one PCs, Monitors, Thin clients and Zero clients, Workstations, Graphic stations and everything else.

Printing Equipment & Consumables

Despite the push for a paperless office and increased adoption of electronic document and information exchange systems, organisations still need some bit of paper documentation – whether it is stand alone or networked printing solutions. Softline helps organisations to drastically reduce their printing and consumable expenses by providing state-of-the-art equipment from leading vendors along with efficient servicing and support for printers, scanners, copiers and multifunction devices along with consumables support.