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Engineering Solutions


Softline has extensive expertise and experience in implementing state-of-the-art CAD projects on the underlying principle of applying the knowledge to solving customer problems. At Softline, we leverage our deep working relationships with world’s leading CAD & GIS software vendors and hardware providers thereby creating and implementing solutions ranging from small modifications to the existing functional designs to complete end-to-end large scale design, consulting and implementation of turnkey projects. 

Softline’s experts can provide solutions that cut across all industries and specifically to Construction, Mechanical & GIS.

Across Industries

Audit & Analysis Services

One of the challenges that organisations face after implementing expensive CAD solutions is the realisation that the tool is not being used to its complete potential but the inability to determine the reasons for the same. This leads to reduced RoI (Return-on-Investment) from the design tool and the need to optimisation of usage.

Softline’s Express Audit & Analysis Services Team are specialists in the usage of all functionalities of major CAD tools and does a complete assessment of the CAD tools’ usage patterns by the customer working closely and observing the users. An initial assessment report is provided to the customer that identifies the gaps in usage along with solution and training on specific processes and functions that can be used by the customer for an optimal and efficient usage of their investment.

Call Softline to get the maximum returns from your existing CAD investment.

CAD Utility Development

Softline is a core member of the ADN – Autodesk Developer Network. This gives Softline the ability to customise Autodesk solutions to unique customer requirements and integrate the technologies into customer workflows, at times with the development of additional programs.

Construction Industry

Building Information Model (BIM)

A Building Information Model (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. With information existing from earliest conception to demolition, a BIM is a shared knowledge resource that helps in taking reliable decisions about the facility across its life cycle.

Softline has the expertise to support the construction industry on creating a BIM that can be used to automate the creation of drawings and reports, project analysis, project modelling and facility operation.

Creating a Project Documentation Archive

It is critical for an organisation in the engineering or construction industry that relies heavily on design to maintain an archive of all documents and discussions that will impact its operations across the lifecycle. Softline has helped multiple organisations in implementing tools and organisational practices to create a structured and regulated document repository and archive.

Project Document Workflow Creation

A well-organized archive is only part of the solution for storing documents - architectural, design or engineering. To ensure consistent collaboration on documents between project participants, it is necessary to have a workflow designed that can efficiently track the changes, edits, revisions, versions and approvals of all project documentation. Softline can help create the workflow process and implement the same integrating it with the customer’s existing processes.

Manufacturing & Engineering Industry

Creating an Engineering Document Archive

In a Design-to-Manufacturing process, it is important to ensure seamless co-ordination between employees from different departments and having visibility to the latest versions of all documents. Invariably, team members from engineering, process and planning departments spend a lot of time on finding the latest versions of documents and fixing the results of unauthorized changes in them.

Softline can help organisations to develop an effective document storage and electronic archival system that allows optimizing the storage of engineering documentation and enables prompt access to the archive with great user experience thereby reducing the time spent on working with engineering documentation.

Streamlining the Engineering Document Workflow

Many enterprises that use the electronic archive need to automate the document approval processes. The engineering document workflow project includes the automation of revision, approval and issuance of various types of documents (engineering, process and operation documentation) within the framework of design-to-manufacture processes.

Softline has the expertise in tools that combine the creation of an archive with an effective document workflow system to automate the entire process and make businesses more productive.

PDM/PLM Implementation Projects

PDM and PLM systems combine the organizational and technical tools to provide product information management over its entire lifecycle: from design and manufacturing to decommissioning. PDM and PLM implementation allows to streamline the storage, search and re-use of project data, enables change and version management.


GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technologies help to visualise information about existing assets as an interactive map. GIS technologies find great use in public sector, energy, oil and gas, logistics and other industries which work with large volumes of data that can be linked to the map. An effective GIS solution can help businesses to achieve cost savings from greater efficiency, take better decisions on scheduling and allocations, help in improved communications between departments and lead to better record keeping with spatial information and analysis.

Softline works closely with leading GIS vendors and can help organisations to design and implement relevant GIS solutions for their industry and helping to improve business productivity and profitability.