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Cloud Solutions

Cloud is slowly becoming the new IT infrastructure foundation as organisations realise the advantages of flexibility, mobility, efficiency and reliability that cloud infrastructure offers. Moving their data and application to the cloud offers organisation the complete flexibility to scale as they grow without the need to invest in expensive hardware infrastructure, the ability to become mobile as employees and stakeholders can access any application from any location on any network and the ability to convert their expensive Capex investments into Opex thereby saving money and getting their team to focus on core business strategies.

Softline offers Cloud Solutions to clients in multiple ways to help them leverage the cloud infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In fact, Softline’s belief that cloud infrastructure is the future is so ingrained that we have our own five datacentres in Russia from where we also offer services to customers.

Cloud Platforms

Softline has the skills and expertise to advice customers on multiple cloud platforms and help them to choose the best platform suited for their business:

  • Softline Cloud Platform: Customers can choose to move their application to our own cloud infrastructure based in our five datacentres in Russia. The infrastructure is managed completely by our technical resources committing maximum uptime.
  • Microsoft Azure: Softline’s deep relationship with Microsoft ensures that we can provide the best service and support on Azure platform.
  • Amazon Web Services: Softline also provides support for migration to Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Services for Business

Softline uses its deep expertise and technical knowledge to consult, guide and implement business services for organisations leveraging the cloud infrastructure. We offer our expertise across:

  • Softline Virtual Office: Ready-to-use productivity cloud service based on Microsoft platform charged on monthly basis. The offering includes corporate email, unified communication and telephony tools, portal, and Microsoft Office subscription.
  • Microsoft Office 365: Office 365 includes a complete suite of offerings delivered from the cloud to make your office available when and where you need it. It includes Exchange for email and applications, OneDrive for storage, Lync & Skype for audio and video communication & SharePoint for portals and collaboration.
  • Google GSuite: Google GSuite is a complete set of offerings combining Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to run a business smoothly from any location.
  • Virtualisation: Softline has deep experience and expertise in helping customers to leverage the power of virtualisation – separating the virtual from the underlying physical infrastructure – across applications, server and desktop. Working closely with leading vendors like Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft; Softline can provide consulting and implementation services to organisations wanting to leverage the cost saving and management benefits associated with moving their desktops to the datacentre or cloud. These skills exist not only for simple business desktops but also for high end design and CAD based workshops leveraging NVIDIA Grid technology for GPU Virtualisation.