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Business Solutions

Businesses today look for strategic partners who can help them not only in the optimisation of their IT infrastructure but can also support and advice them on how to meet their business objectives in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Softline, with our experience across multiple implementations in varied geographies and supported by a crew of business and technical experts, is the right strategic partner for your business.

Softline works with clients closely to create the right IT solutions like websites, portals, e-commerce systems, mobile applications to name a few to support the core business objectives like cost reduction, sales increase, customer acquisition, process optimisation, customer relations, quality improvement just to name a few.

A few Business Solutions offered by Softline include

Line of Business Solutions

With a diverse and widespread employee, stakeholder and customer base, organisations rely on business applications to run smoothly and efficiently as well as to extract and analyse relevant data to be able to take strategic business decisions. A relevant business application aligned with the business goals and implemented seamlessly can add tremendous value to the organisation helping them save time, effort and money while ensuring smooth operations.

 Softline, with its experience in managing multiple businesses and vendors, has the ability to work closely with our customers to identify and implement the most relevant business solution for the customer. We have successfully helped multiple customers to derive maximum benefit from applications in the field of:

  • HCM: Softline can provide Human Capital Management Solutions that encompass the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, management of time, leave and expenses, payroll, performance reviews, organisation management and separation and final settlement – all delivered efficiently from the cloud in a secure manner. Softline’s HCM Solutions have helped organisations to automate the entire process thereby saving time and money for the organisation and enabling the HR department to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • IT Operations Management: Softline’s extensive experience in the IT consulting, implementation and operations field helps us to bring relevant vendors and solutions to our customers helping them to manage the key IT operations unifying processes across service, availability, asset and project management helping customers to reduce complexity and improve efficiency. All this managed from the cloud.
  • Cloud Security: Softline works closely with leading global vendors to provide relevant cloud security solutions to our customers. Softline helps customers to safely migrate and store their assets in the cloud while preserving privacy, confidentiality and security.
  • Expense Management: Softline can help customers bring in financial discipline into the organisation through a business solution that automates indirect supplies purchase process from PO to Invoice processing and asset management. Working with a leading expense management solution provider, Softline can help organisations to efficiently manage their vendor spends, travel and employee expenses.
  • Customer Management: The adage ‘Customer is Queen’ hold true today more than ever with the internet and digital medium giving the customers the ability to sound their opinions and access your products from multiple routes. Softline can help our clients to manage their entire customer view and portfolio from a single console incorporating more than 17 feedback channels like email, social, IVR, Surveys, QR codes etc and build a complete Customer Management Story.

These are just some of the “Line of Business” solutions that Softline can help you with. Our LoB Business Solutions can help you effectively manage all aspects of your business so that you can focus on your core business strategy.

Enterprise Content Management

For businesses to work efficiently, content is king. And content in most organisation exist in multiple formats like word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pdfs, scanned documents etc. Increasingly organisations need a way to not only consolidate and store these varied forms of content but also to search and analyse the repository and access them from any location on any device and any network.

Softline works with leading vendors and has the technical expertise and implementation experience to help organisations with robust Enterprise Content Management solutions that eliminate the dependence on paper documents and help to organise the unstructured information by business needs. Softline has implemented ECM solutions in businesses across departments from HR to Sales, from contract management to procurement systems, from supply chains to administration and many more.

An effective ECM solution helps not just in managing the content but also to gain clear insights from analysis to improve customer engagement.

Softline’s ECM solutions have focussed on tasks such as:

  • Digital Capture of all documents
  • Infrastructure to store and access the documents securely from any device
  • Ability to collaborate on the documents and manage the versioning for teams
  • Manage the document across its entire organisational lifecycle
  • Processes for information governance with identity based access and other secure policies

Portal Solutions

With a diverse workforce spread across multiple departments or locations, one of the key challenges facing IT departments is to provide a common platform for the employees to collaborate on that is not just secure but also provides a reliable user access to information. Employees and stakeholders need a single repository of information, an ability to collaborate on projects, a place where they can get internal news and updates and a platform to access simple applications like HR processes etc. All these challenges can be addressed with a single corporate portal.

Building an efficient portal build on a right platform can help businesses to:

  • Reduce operating costs due to increase in the level of information provision and improvement of internal communication
  • Provide employees with easy access to essential corporate information
  • Make more efficient use of IT-resources through the optimization of the development costs
  • Organize a single point of access to corporate information
  • Improve search performance through a combination of relevance and customization options the full-text and attribute search.

Softline, with its deep relationship with Microsoft, has complete expertise to develop a secure intranet portal for corporates on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform. Softline experts not just develop portals but also integrate these with websites and document management systems while at the same time implementing Enterprise Search options. With extensive experience in the implementation of portals on different platforms, Softline specialists and experts have been called upon:

  • To build a new portal from scratch
  • Migrate the existing portal to a new platform
  • Develop individual modules in an existing portal
  • Support the existing portals of the customers.

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems

Information and data forms the core components of any business. Over the years of operations, companies typically collect a huge amount of data on different parameters though this cache of data is in a completely unstructured and scattered format which cannot be analysed for business purposes. Organisations have realised that there is a goldmine of information in the data that they have accumulated but the challenge is getting it in a structured format that can be analysed and insights derived.

Business Intelligence (BI) vendors help to solve this challenge by providing tools and software to analyse the raw data and provide capabilities like data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting. Business Intelligence helps to extract insights from a large volume of raw information to make management decisions based not only on intuition, but on the facts.

Softline has developed extensive expertise in the area of BI working leading Business Intelligence (BI) vendors to provide solutions like:

  • Identifying profitable and unprofitable activities in business
  • Sales planning, governance of the implementation of plans in real-time
  • Budget planning, cash flow analysis
  • Competition analysis, market research
  • Production planning, efficient supply management, inventory
  • And many more.

Electronic Document Management and Business Process Automation

Gone are the days when businesses needed to wait for paper documents to arrive to take decisions and move the process forward. Today, businesses rely on automated processes to simplify movement of documents within the organisation. Electronic Document Management systems provide the necessary infrastructure to automate the entire business process flow of documents right from creation of documents to workflow automation through edits, review, co-ordination, co-creation, approvals, signatures, filing and storage.

Softline has the expertise and implementation experience to support businesses that want to automate their document management processes by providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions from leading vendors that help in:

  • Creating a common information space in the organization
  • Increase the speed of document movement and management within the organization
  • Improve efficiency and cooperation between employees and departments
  • Accelerate managerial decision-making process
  • Provide secure and mobile access to corporate information 24/7
  • Reduce the time to perform routine operations
  • Reduced budgets for storage of documents and consumables
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing accounting information systems for automation and compliance

Electronic Archives

In some industry segments, compliance requirements entail storage and retrieval of all kinds of documents and communications from the last 10 years or more of operations. These not only include paper documents like contracts, client files, legal documents, regulatory, technical, design and operational documents, accounting documents but also email communications and at times audio recordings as well. Without a formal process to store and retrieve the right information from this huge database of documents, businesses risk the loss of important documents and loss of time in finding and processing the right documents.

Softline can help businesses with a state-of-the-art structured system for storing and retrieving digital versions of all documents and communication called an Electronic Archive.

An Electronic Archive System consists of three modules of:

  • Entering documents: Scan single documents and data capture, recognition of formal and unstructured documents, verification, adding to the archive database.
  • Search module and a document viewer: Contextual search, search for details of documents, search by criteria combined.
  • Query module: Gathering information on the treatment of documents in the electronic archive.

Softline expertise helps businesses to set up an Electronic Archive that provides:

  • Reliable centralized storage and processing documents in all stages of the life cycle;
  • Confidentiality and access rights;
  • Tracing the history of the use of the document;
  • Convenience and speed of search;
  • Reduction in operating costs for record keeping;
  • Reduction of risk of loss and damage of original documents;
  • Centralized access to documents from geographically disparate units.

Project Management

Project management solutions help to initiate, plan, execute, govern and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meeting the success criteria defined at the start of the project with the optimal use of resources and time under proper quality and risk management.

Softline believes strongly in efficient project management and offers business solutions that support the complete life cycle of the project covering scheduling, resource allocation by tasks, reporting and many more functionalities.