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IT Strategy Development

In today’s world of Volatility, Uncertainity, Complexity & Ambiguity; organisations have to be innovative and agile to deal with the ever-changing business and market landscape. The Information Technology (IT) team can no longer be on the sidelines and operate in a silo without a focus on business goals. 

Business goals and IT Strategy have to align and operate together as a team for the success of the organisation. 

The foundation of alignment between business and IT stems from an understanding of the current state of business and IT, basis which clear objectives have to be set and a realistic assessment has to be made on the need for and timelines of implementation of certain product, solutions and methodologies that would contribute to the growth of the organisation. 

Softline, with its global customer experience across multiple products and solutions implemented in different industry scenarios and with the knowledge and expertise gained across the last 25+ years, is the right partner to help customers draft and execute their IT Strategy to align with business goals.

IT Strategy Development is a methodology and process that bridges the gap between Business and IT and Softline’s many consultants can advice, support and help our customers to build the right IT Strategy for Business Innovation and Growth.

Softline approaches an IT Strategy Development Project with clear steps, seeking the support of all departments and executives in the organisation:
•    Analysis and understanding of current state of business and IT infrastructure
•    Define the target state of IT infrastructure and architecture to attain based on business goals and strategy
•    Develop the plan to reach the target state within the timelines and evaluate various approaches like IT integration, development and outsourcing
•    Define the role of IT team and Services within the overall Strategy framework working on restructuring IT, if needed
•    Realistically define the IT projects that can be executed and timelines needed
•    Develop a project plan for overall strategy with sequence of implementations of IT projects
•    Propose a budget plan for the overall strategy along with extrapolation of the budget requirement across multiple years
•    Seek alignment with business units for the IT strategy along with clear timelines for execution

Softline has the ability to not just help in defining the entire IT Strategy for the organisation but also execute the strategy along the agreed timelines and budget.