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IT OutSourcing & Support Services

Softline believes in making the customer’s lives easier so that they can focus on growing their business significantly while leaving the IT management aspects to us. With that objective, Softline provides services that help the organisations to manage their IT infrastructure effectively. 

Our services include:

IT Outsourcing
Softline undertakes IT outsourcing operations for specific customers and parts of infrastructure so that customers can focus on their core business while Softline manages their IT.  By outsourcing their IT Infrastructure management to an expert organisation like Softline, the customer ensures a high uptime for their IT without the headache of managing an IT team and focussing on the manpower requirements. Softline, with its employee base of technical experts can easily provide these services thereby freeing up the customer’s resources and budgets to focus on their core business strategy.

In this scenario, Softline takes over the management and manpower of the customer’s IT infrastructure. Customers can outsource their IT to Softline in two ways:

  • Outsourcing of system services: In this form of outsourcing, Softline appoints specialists that perform preventive maintenance failures and monitor the work of the key infrastructure components of the customer e.g E-mail, file, web-services, information security services, network services, data recovery, etc., and also solve problems related to the operation of information technology.
  • Comprehensive outsourcing of the IT infrastructure: In this form, Softline takes over the complete management and maintenance of operating systems, office applications, office support and other tasks related to information technology. This type of outsourcing is suitable mainly for small businesses. Softline's IT staff performs daily monitoring of the main services of the company, carry out preventive visits as necessary to the customer, and the rest is carried out remotely using remote access.

Maintenance & Support Services

Softline’s technical resources can provide 24 X 7 maintenance of all IT resources and infrastructure in the customer’s locations across all time zones. 

Softline’s support services include a dedicated service for receiving and resolving technical issues over phone or email, support questions resolution through a dedicated support website and management of complete information of all the supported software and hardware infrastructure. 

Softline also makes available our technical resource’s knowledge and expertise at pre-arranged time for basic IT support covering:

  • Installation and upgrading of software
  • Installation and configuration of new software
  • Changing versions of the software
  • Primary administrative or uninstall
  • Project execution
  • Providing technical and advisory support
  • Audit of IT-infrastructure

Softline’s Support & Maintenance services also cover hardware equipment and peripherals.