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IT Asset Management

Software Asset Management is a practice of effective management of a software product across its entire lifecycle; from the moment of budget/purchase planning till disposition/deletion.

Softline provides SAM services to customers that span:

Complete SAM Project
Softline provides customers with a complete SAM project that includes:
•    Inventory Analysis: Softline uses existing tools at the customer location, like System Centre, or external available tools depending on customer requirement to run a complete analysis of the existing inventory of software products residing on end point devices like PCs, laptops, mobile and backend servers along with the interconnection and usage between them. Softline then provides a report on the complete inventory analysis.
•    Legal Analysis: Softline also compares the procured and used licenses along with a detailed analysis of the software contracts to ensure that there are no legal implications of inaccurate usage practices. A post analysis report is submitted along with remedial measures to be adopted to avoid legal complications with the vendors.
•    Asset Management Process Development: Softline believes that SAM is not a one-time project but an initiative that has to be integrated into the business processes. In order to ensure compliance after the initial project is completed, Softline also studies the entire lifecycle of the software within the organisation and provides advice and measures to meet license legal requirements and reveals any cost saving opportunities. 

SAM BOX: A perfect solution for a quick start
With years of experience acquired over multiple customer implementations of varied software products and the knowledge of license contract nuances, Softline also offers specific software product SAM services which analyse only that particular software asset and provide the customer with reveal issues, provide remedies and save costs. 

SAM Box services are an ideal way for organisation to do a quick start on a product and assess the current usage of the particular software. Softline’s SAM Box services have fixed price and terms and require minimal effort from the customer where the customer just follows the instructions and Softline provides the results.

Softline provides SAM Box services for:
•    SAM Box for Oracle
•    SAM Box for SAP
•    SAM Box for IBM
•    SAM Box for VMware
•    SAM Box for Autodesk
•    SAM Box for Adobe

Microsoft SAM Services
Leveraging the deep relationship that Softline has with Microsoft, the Microsoft SAM Services from Softline is a triangulation between Microsoft, Softline and the customer. The service is provided to the customer for free and includes full inventory of Microsoft products at PCs and servers and also a detailed licensed analysis of all software assets.

The result is that the customer gets recommendations on optimizing licensure taking into account the development plans, cost reduction opportunities, minimizing risks and increasing ROI.

The services offered include
SAM Cloud Ready
In the framework of this project, Softline evaluates your readiness for the transition to the cloud. A complete inventory of corporate software is provided that allows you to create a "road map" of migration. It helps the customer to analyse which applications can be seamlessly transferred to the cloud, which need to be kept on-premise and which can be rejected on account of obsolete local infrastructure thereby resulting in cost savings.

SAM Cybersecurity
In this framework, Softline conducts an analysis of infrastructure and existing IT assets management processes in terms of cybersecurity benchmarking world's best practices and analysing against standard threats. The SAM Cybersecurity reports on potential threats to IT Infrastructure in terms of unlicensed and non-updated software.

Using a database especially in virtual environment, often brings risks of insufficient or wrong licensing. This service includes datacenter examination for building a true picture of SQL servers usage. Softline's SAM SQL Service provides recommendations on correcting SQL Server licensing including running in virtual environments.

SAM Virtualisation
Many risks of licensing offence are related to virtual machine migration, creating testing virtual servers and insufficient control over infrastructure. Softline's SAM Virtualisation service examines and optimises the process of licensing virtual infrastructures.

This service estimates if the customer is ready for migration to the cloud. However, the analysis is based on the analysis of data provided by the customer in interviews and forms instead of technical inventory. SAM Express Service project is usually completed in 2-3 days and provides high accuracy only if the given information is full and true. The service’s success is dependent on the customer answering the queries truthfully and accurately maintaining complete transparency. 

SAM Support
Software Asset Management is a key critical requirement for all size of organisations. As vendors crack down on illegal and unlicensed software and maintenance, SAM is here to stay and you cannot avoid it. 

SAM is a complex initiative as it needs both technical and legal expertise to manage the licenses effectively. At times, one requires deep connects in the vendor organisation to understand the software usage contracts and implications and hence SAM needs a specialist. It is not feasible for all organisations to have a SAM Specialist on their payroll. 

Softline offers a complete SAM Support services covering all aspects of Software Asset Management. 

The service is of special interest to organisations that have reached a level of IT maturity with their asset, need continued asset management support but do not wish to keep an expert on IT Asset Management on their payroll. Questions like – Is the branch office PC using licensed software? Or When is the next anti-virus subscription due? Or When was the last time Adobe was used? – need constant update and cannot be managed without an expert. 

Softline SAM experts take over your software asset management challenges and provide complete support on Inventory management, provide advice on optimal licensing, support on selection process for new software procurement, deal with financial and legal issues of software licensing, provide education and certification and ensure legal compliance among other things.

SAM at vendor’s expense
It is possible to get SAM Cybersecurity, SAM Cloud Ready, SAM Virtualization and SAM SQL for free if approved from Microsoft. Sending a report to Microsoft is required for budgeting the project.

SAM Success Fee
Softline is confident that Software Asset Management provides economic benefits for every company! We can also execute SAM projects on a special Success Fee model where the customer pays only if they see a clear benefit from the exercise as dictated by the success factors agreed prior to the start of the project.