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About Us

Softline Group, a Global IT solutions and services company offers comprehensive information technology solutions spanning technologies are varied and diverse as Cloud, Infrastructure, Security, Big Data, Mobility, Software and many more built on a strong foundation of Technology Consulting, Licensing and Software Delivery and Hardware solutions. With a revenue of ~ USD 1 Billion, Softline clients today include 60,000+ private and governmental organizations of all scales – from large enterprises to small and medium businesses. Softline Group in on a phenomenal growth path driving a CAGR of +40% sales growth in last 10 years.  

Softline Group provides solutions across the spectrum of technology, right from sizing and designing the datacentre to implementing, managing and protecting the end point devices with technology and business consulting support. Softline helps clients in acquiring, commissioning, operating and maintaining the best solutions for their needs using best practices such as SAM (Software Asset Management), ISO 19770-1 etc. Softline has the capability to support the client’s infrastructure both on-premise (in the customer’s premises) and in the Cloud (cloud computing).

Softline today has a direct presence in over 30 countries and 82 cities around the world with a purpose to provide IT solutions and a full range of services for the creation, optimization, support and development of the IT infrastructure.

Softline Services India (P) Ltd, a direct subsidiary of Softline Group is headquartered out of Mumbai with offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune. Core to Softline India is its passion to drive measurable business value to its customers and in the process, create a beneficial and sustainable value through each client engagement. 

In 2016 alone, Softline partnered with over 300+ clients in India transforming businesses digitally and delivering 100%+ YoY growth for its internal and external stakeholders. Softline India is also a recipient of many awards having being recognised by Microsoft as the best cloud partner 2 years in a row and awarded by CIO Review as being one of India’s top Azure solution provider.

Competitive advantages:

  • Softline is a trusted brand with 20+ years’ experience in IT, recognized by customers and manufacturers 
  • Leading international brand in the IT market with an extensive network of branches and representative offices - Softline is always near you. 
  • Wide range of services: technical support, training, consulting. Extensive experience in virtualization project implementation, security, CAD/GIS, ERP and CRM solutions, web development, Cloud solutions (SaaS and IaaS products) 
  • Wide range of brands and solutions - over 3000 manufacturers 
  • Focused on customer value creation and customer delight.